Applying Learning Theory to Mobile Learning

This webinar goes beyond the hype that reasons that because 40% of web content is consumed via mobile phone, and more than half of American adults have smart phones, there is, therefore, a mandate to create mobile learning. As educators, we will look at mobile learning with a focus on LEARNING and not on the fact that devices are ubiquitous. We will examine a framework that helps you evaluate mobile learning based on what you must teach, how learning occurs and the instructional tactics required to support your learning objectives. Understanding the instructional benefits and limitations of a range of mobile learning options will help you advocate for mobile learning when it makes sense, and provide you the foundation needed to redirect those who advocate for mobile learning because devices are ubiquitous. After attending the webcast, you will be able to: Explain three learning theories with regard to (1) how learning occurs, (2) role of instructor/learner and (3) optimal application to learning. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of formal mobile learning based on your objectives. Discuss examples of instructional strategies that support behaviorist and cognitivist learning theories.

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